Placement Tests

  • ┬áStudent placement in USF reading, writing, and math classes is determined by SAT/ACT scores. If such test scores are not available, you may be asked to take a battery of placement tests in the Student Success and Academic Advising Center.
  • Plan to allow a minimum of an hour and half when scheduling those placement tests. (If you need to take a language placement test, additional time will be needed. Ask for specifics when you call to schedule your appointment.)
  • If you are placed in a reading class (READ 101, 119, 120, or 121), you are encouraged to make an appointment to take the Nelson-Denny Reading Test in the Student Success and Academic Advising Center before the semester begins in order to confirm your reading class placement level or eligibility to waive the course.

Test scheduling is requested 24 hours in advance of your desired testing time and may be done by calling 260.399.8065 or coming to Pope John Paul II Room 210.